My Smart Hands Baby Sign Language Class in Saskatoon

Join Little Hands and Me Parenting Network for FALL baby sign language classes. We use the Canadian Parent Tested Parent Approved Award winning My Smart Hands program!
Mom and baby sign class saskatoon
We learn ASL signs in a unique multi sensory environment which focuses on whole child development.

Tuesdays starting September 6
10am – 2 spaces remaining
1:15pm – FULL

mom and baby class saskatoon

In a playful, educational and language-rich environment; parents and children will build their American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary through whole child development activities: sensory bins and bottles, puppets, shakers, flannel board stories, music, movement and so much more.

There is a new topic each week including: alphabet, everyday words, family, food, animals, emotions, opposites, bed time and play signs.

baby sign with mom saskatoon

Fore more information:

Invitation to Play with “Stones For Learning”

We received “Stones For Learning” from RS Stones. I am in love with this product as it is from a Canadian Stone Hand Carver in Mission BC.

These rocks are in three shapes: circle, square and triangle.

Young babies are able to touch the stones and feel the differences in temperatures and observe new colours. Parents are able to move the stones back and forth, right and left, up and down to help faciliate brain development and eye movement. Combine these with Baby Sign Language signs such as: look, feel/touch, right/left, up/down and whole child development is happening!

These three shapes are perfect for allowing even older babies/young toddlers to start identifying shapes Our 4 year old loved to play and string them with a pipecleaner. They also vary in colour as these are all natural products. Other learning that happens with these stones are learning: patterns, shapes, sequencing, counting and basic math.

Below is a youtube video of us signing and playing with these amazing “Stones For Learning” from RS Arts.

Here is a link to RS Arts facebook group. Pop on over and see his other creations or order these stones sets.

Wednesday’s ASL Baby Sign Word

What is Mr. E signing this week?


baby sign for happy in Saskatoon


Emotions are a great way to sign with your older lovebug! Using ASL baby signs can help your lovebug express their needs during times when they are unable to communicate verbally

Friday FunDay (reading and signing)

Friday’s FunDay!

Mr E, at about 16 months, was taking a break from “PLAYING” outside to “EAT” and “READ”!

reading and snacks

What fun activity is happening around your home today?

Sign, play and exploration are wonderful modes to learning for little ones. Set up invitations to play and watch your little one explore their world.

Friday Funday

Friday Funday! Today is beautiful outside, and a walk to the park is great for signing and playing. Mr. E was enjoying a walk outside and hear/saw an “AIRPLANE”. He started to sign this object. However, he used a sign approximation which is shown in the picture.
signing airplane
When a child starts to sign they will use approximations. Sign approximations are when a child is signing a word and it looks different than the true sign. It is important that as a parent you keep signing the correct sign. Soon, your child’s signing will develop and a sign will look more like the true sign. Nonetheless, your child is communicating!!

Family Feedback for Programming

Here are some comments from the Winter 2016’s 5 graduating classes (baby sign Level I and II & tot sensory classes)!
“Learning the signs & sensory activities. You always send us home with great ideas of new things to do to learn, play and sign”

playing with sensory eggs

“The combination of music, signing and movement!”

“Thank you so much for all of the amazing info and classes. We had so much fun!”


“All the home made products. It’s nice to know you can do it at home as well”

messy makers play with mud

“Tanya is a great leader

NEW Level I “My Smart Hands” Baby Sign Language Class

Due to popular demand, we have added a NEW Level I “My Smart Hands” Baby Sign Language class. This class starts Tuesday May 3rd at 2:15pm.

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Together, parents and babies, learn baby sign language (American Sign Language Signs) through fun and unique child development activities that include: sensory bins, sensory bottles, scarves, movement and bounce activities, music and movement, bubbles, drop bins and much more. Moms and babies can enjoy these classes right from birth as there is elements to promote parent-child interactions and bonding. We use the “My Smart Hands” program which is Canadian Parent Tested Parent Approved Award winning!