Baby Sign Language and Meal Time

In this video, I am showing how a family can start to incorporate baby sign language as they feed their little. Kaila and I are practicing ASL signs for: “more”, “avocado”, and “all-done”.


Parents, often, find that using signs during meal time to be very motivational for their little. This is because soon their little will be able to use signs to communicate basic needs such as “all-done/finished”, “more”, “food” and even specify another food they want to “eat”! Most littles first few signs are often food related as these are very motivational!


My Smart Hands Baby Sign Language Class in Saskatoon

Join Little Hands and Me Parenting Network for FALL baby sign language classes. We use the Canadian Parent Tested Parent Approved Award winning My Smart Hands program!
Mom and baby sign class saskatoon
We learn ASL signs in a unique multi sensory environment which focuses on whole child development.

Tuesdays starting September 6
10am – 2 spaces remaining
1:15pm – FULL

mom and baby class saskatoon

In a playful, educational and language-rich environment; parents and children will build their American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary through whole child development activities: sensory bins and bottles, puppets, shakers, flannel board stories, music, movement and so much more.

There is a new topic each week including: alphabet, everyday words, family, food, animals, emotions, opposites, bed time and play signs.

baby sign with mom saskatoon

Fore more information:

Benefits of Baby Sign Language

Registration is now open for Baby Sign Language in Saskatoon! Join us for Level I or Level II starting in September. We offer small class sizes and space is filling up!

baby sign classes saskatoon

Benefits of Baby Sign Language:

• Helps Reduce Frustrations and Tantrums
• Increases Parent/Child Interactions
• Allows Baby to Communicate
• Kick Starts Creativity
• Empowers Child & Their Families
• Children Express Interests Earlier
• Promotes Early Communication Skills
• Older Toddlers use Signing to Solve Problems

class 6#

*Classes are small in size and spaces is limited. Register today to avoid disappointment.

Friday Fun with Stones For Learning

We received “Stones For Learning” from RS Stones. I am in love with this product as it is from a Canadian Stone Hand Carver in Mission BC.

These rocks are in three shapes: circle, square and triangle. These three shapes are perfect for allowing even older babies/young toddlers to start identifying shapes Our 4 year old loved to play and string them with a pipecleaner. They also vary in colour as these are all natural products. Other learning that happens with these stones are learning: patterns, shapes, sequencing, counting and basic math.

Below is a youtube video of us signing and playing with these amazing “Stones For Learning” from RS Arts.

Here is a link to RS Arts facebook group. Pop on over and see his other creations or order these stones sets.

stones for learning                   identifying shapes                learning to pattern



Wednesday’s Word (ASL sign)

It’s Wednesday which means we get to play “What is Mr. E Signing?”


Baby sign ASL for Stop Saskatoon


That’s correct! Mr E is signing “STOP”. This is such a great sign to use with your children as they grow and explore. We will ask Miss K to “STOP” when she starts touching plants, or wanting to put something in her mouth that doesn’t belong there. This  sign can also replace where one may use the word/sign “NO”.