Day 3 No/Little Screen Time

How is it going in your challenge? We have had grandparents from Calgary. As I write this, I hear my children laughing from the basement while engaged in play with grandpa! And then my oldest runs upstairs with his grandpa’s tablet.


Here is some of the games we have come up with today.

Miss K is playing with water and plastic foods. She is moving the cherries from a bowl of water to one with no water.  So much learning and fun!

Mr E has a birthday party today and one game we played was pin the eyepatch on the parrot! This was such great fun for kids and adults alike.


I cannot wait to see your adventures today.

Tiny Tots Sensory Class Activity – “Tapping Eggs”

What is the Tiny Tots Sensory class?

This is a class all about play and sensory based learning! Here is just one sensory activity/song that we will use in class.

Your little will learn through sensory play through various sensory baskets, painting, sensory bins, scarf play, ribbons, balls pits, bubbles, water play, and  shakers and other items while supporting this learning though various signs. Also, included in this multi-sensory program are take home activities: paint bags, salt dough hand-prints and a sensory box.