Day 3 No/Little Screen Time

How is it going in your challenge? We have had grandparents from Calgary. As I write this, I hear my children laughing from the basement while engaged in play with grandpa! And then my oldest runs upstairs with his grandpa’s tablet.


Here is some of the games we have come up with today.

Miss K is playing with water and plastic foods. She is moving the cherries from a bowl of water to one with no water.  So much learning and fun!

Mr E has a birthday party today and one game we played was pin the eyepatch on the parrot! This was such great fun for kids and adults alike.


I cannot wait to see your adventures today.

Baby Sign Language Promotes Early Language Development

A little needs to hear a word 200 times before verbally expressing the concept. However, when using Baby Sign Language (ASL signs) a child is comprehending a single word using both their visual and auditory ways of learning! Research, over 28 years worth, shows that ASL signs supports verbal English!

Mom and baby sign class saskatoon

Plus, using Baby Sign Language allows for a child to express themselves much earlier as they can use their signs to communicate. They are feeling less frustrations as they have empowerment over their environment!

Our Mid-Fall classes schedule has just been announced and registration is ongoing!

baby sign classes saskatoon


Tuesday Classes:

9:00-10:15am – Positive Discipline Parenting Starting November 8

10:30-11:20am – Level I Baby Sign Starting November 1

11:30-12:20pm – Level II Baby Sign Starting November 15

1:00-1:50pm – Level I Baby Sign Starting November 1

Thursday Classes:

1-1:30pm – Quiet Crickets (Preschool 3-5 year old) Starting November 3

1:45-3:00pm – Positive Discipline Parenting Class Starting November 3

3:15-3:55pm – Wiggly Worms (Whole Child Developmental class for 10+ months) Starting November 3



duck emotion felt board story and ASL signs

Tiny Tots Sensory Class in Saskatoon

The Wiggly Worms class is a 6 week whole child developmental class for toddlers 10+ months of age.

This 45 minute program will focus on play and exploration! Class starts on Sept 13! There is just 3 spaces remaining for this class.

This class will have the following activities:
-Music and Movement
-Sensory Play
-Motor Skills Play
-Interactive Literacy Activity
-Messy Play

mom and tot sensory exploration in saskatoon         messy play saskatoon

Parents and their little ones will participate in activities that promote:
-Language Development
-Sensory Play
-Motor Skills (Fine and Gross)
-Brain Development
-Multi-Sensory Activities
painting fun in Saskatoonfelt board story play

Wiggly Worm (Child Development Class for 10+months old)

Invitation to Play with “Stones For Learning”

We received “Stones For Learning” from RS Stones. I am in love with this product as it is from a Canadian Stone Hand Carver in Mission BC.

These rocks are in three shapes: circle, square and triangle.

Young babies are able to touch the stones and feel the differences in temperatures and observe new colours. Parents are able to move the stones back and forth, right and left, up and down to help faciliate brain development and eye movement. Combine these with Baby Sign Language signs such as: look, feel/touch, right/left, up/down and whole child development is happening!

These three shapes are perfect for allowing even older babies/young toddlers to start identifying shapes Our 4 year old loved to play and string them with a pipecleaner. They also vary in colour as these are all natural products. Other learning that happens with these stones are learning: patterns, shapes, sequencing, counting and basic math.

Below is a youtube video of us signing and playing with these amazing “Stones For Learning” from RS Arts.

Here is a link to RS Arts facebook group. Pop on over and see his other creations or order these stones sets.

Baby Sign Language in Saskatoon (My Smart Hands)

Registration is now open for Baby Sign Language in Saskatoon! Join us for Level I or Level II starting in September.

Benefits of Baby Sign Language:

baby sign classes saskatoon

• Helps Reduce Frustrations and Tantrums
• Increases Parent/Child Interactions
• Allows Baby to Communicate
• Kick Starts Creativity
• Empowers Child & Their Families
• Children Express Interests Earlier
• Promotes Early Communication Skills
• Older Toddlers use Signing to Solve Problems

baby sign language class saskatoon

*Classes are small in size and spaces is limited. Register today to avoid disappointment.

When Can I Start Signing With My Baby?

I am often asked, “When can I start signing with my child?” The answer is never the same for each family, as each parent has their own reasons for using baby sign language their family.

Based on child development, babies are ready for signing when they start moving their eyes and head to track toys or their parents face. This shows they are interested in learning and ready to start communicating with you! When you start signing, your child may show you many new reactions. This could be a frustrated or confused face, an interested expression, moving their hands in different ways, or smiling. These are all good indications that your child is trying to figure out what you are saying with your hands. Keep using American Sign Language and soon your child will be signing back!


Between 4 to 6 months children are meeting important milestones during this time including: eye contact, purposeful movement of arms/hands, and beginning to find new ways to engage with their parents such as squealing, smiling, cooing and babbling.

Parents may decide to start signing earlier or later. In fact, we have had children as young as 2 weeks up to 2.5 years of age in her classes. Basically parents can start signing with their baby or toddler when ready!

A key point about signing, is to be consistent! Start signing with 2-5 words, consistently during the day. However, add more ASL in every week as your child is wanting to learn more. Finally, watch your child for signing approximations and when they start signing or moving their hands to approximate a sign, reward them with praise or what they were asking for!

Make Baby Sign Fun and Watch for Teachable Moments!

Make signing with your love bug fun and look for teachable moments!

Signing should be fun! Do not worry about carving time out of your day to sit down and sign with your little. Rather signing can be used throughout your day in natural and fun ways!
duck emotion felt board story and ASL signs

In our Level II class we used 5 little yellow ducks felt board to learn “emotion” signs in a fun way! Each duck had their own feeling when “momma duck” said quack quack quack, “how do you feel when you play like that?”. The Love Bugs had so much fun playing and exploring these felt board play items together as a group while the moms signed and said the poem!

Examples can be when your child is feeling hungry ask them if they want “food” or “milk”. Once you asked your little if they want “milk” then give then their need. This will also help encourage signing and empowerment over their environment.