Welcome to little hands and me Parenting Network

Little Hands & Me Parenting Network is a childhood developmental and parenting service in Saskatoon! The programs offered are for every day, average parents seeking high quality programming that is filled with learning, play, signing and exploring their children’s world.

Our programs

Salsa Babies

Dance and move with the best little partner of all – your baby! With your little one snuggled in to baby carriers, Salsa Babies™ offers a great workout, a chance to socialize and an opportunity to introduce one’s child to music and movement. Classes are appropriate for babies 6-8 weeks of age and up.  … READ MORE 

dance and move with the best little partner of all-your baby

Salsa Tots is a perfect class that combines movement, play and connection with parents with lively Latin Music!          A great way to get moving again! In this 45 minute class you will be connecting, bonding, and role modeling dances, movements, words and play with your Salsa Tot! Play, Dance and Music…READ MORE

Baby Sign, Play and Explore

Looking for one of Saskatoon’s Hottest Parent and Baby Classes? We have it with our unique and Canadian award winning, “My Smart Hands” program!  Did you know that it is never too early to take baby sign language! Your little one is ready for learning signing, music and play from birth <3 These whole child…READ MORE

Positive Discipline

Are you struggling with your child’s ‘misbehaviours’? Are you looking for different tools for parenting? Tools that work for various ages and stages? Positive Discipline provides tools for misbehaviour as well as the belief behind the behaviour. We also focus on solutions, building life long social skills and characteristics!  READ MORE

Together our strong community says....

“Great Classes.
They are a fun way to learn to communicate with your baby. They are great for bonding with your baby or toddler. The classes include toys for kids to play with, songs and stories and dancing which makes them enjoy it.” – Amanda

“Both of my sons have taken classes with Tanya and they both loved them! Our classes at My Smart Hands gave our boys a voice before they could speak, and we all gained lasting friendships. I highly recommend checking it out!  You won’t be sorry.” – Allison 

“I’m taking the positive parenting discipline class. I’ve been loving it! I would definitely recommend it to people.” – Ashley 

“Excellent classes that gave us more than just a communication tool. We have loads of new ideas for play and development to use at home. Thank you!.” – Lindsay