Following through in your parenting choices is vital. Today we will be discussing 4 steps for effective follow-through!  There are also 4 traps that defeat effective follow through and 4 hints for effective follow through that are taught in Positive Discipline parenting classes.  As parents when we provide choices or logical consequences that are respectful, helpful to facilitate learning, and related to the situation, AND follow through we are working to promote long term life skills.


Due to our culture and/or childhood, parents usually use ‘consequences’ that control or punish rather than ‘consequences’ for teaching and guiding. And this could be one reason why children see consequences as punishment rather than an opportunity for learning to do better next time. Natural and logical consequences need to be kind and firm to promote mutual respect for everyone involved. While knowing that focusing on solutions will promote long term social and life skills to help navigate similar situations.


With younger children, non-verbal follow through is always more effective (such as distraction and re-direction, signing, connection and visuals). These are all other Positive Discipline Parenting tools!


In Positive Discipline parenting we have a discussion about 4 steps for effective follow-through and here they are as adapted by the Positive Discipline Way!

  1. Have a friendly discussion where everyone feels safe to express their feelings and thoughts about the issue
  2. Brain storm all possible solutions and the choice one to try
  3. Agree on specific time line
  4. Understand children will likely not met the deadline and simply follow through by holding them accountable to the solution previously agreed upon.


When following through with a solution we keep our comments simple. We need to know that intense emotions will likely take hold of a child and then we need to respond to their objections in a kind AND firm way. When a child concedes to the agreement thank them for keeping their agreement.


What part of follow through do you struggle with as parent?


I have many more tips and tools planned for the upcoming week for our falling in love with parenting! These tools will be filled with information from Positive Discipline and baby sign language.


We will be offering Mid-Fall programs starting the week of October 31! We have small class sizes to ensure high quality programming that meets each family’s needs. And due to the demand of our programs, classes are already half full or filled.


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