We had a day filled with doctor appointments, and house hunting. Therefore, we spent significant time driving.

At our last appointment Mr G woke up from a car nap. He smiled and cooed followed by a moment of fussiness. When I looked at him, he was grumbling and signing “milk”!

Yes!!!! At 7.5 months of age Mr G is able to express a handful of needs and wants. He is able to use a sign rather than cries. And I was able to meet his need without guessing and trying to figure out what he needed. I didn’t fumble through getting him out of he car seat, bouncing him around and trying a soother, owed by a last ditch guess of a changing a diaper

This, is why I do what I do. I want all families to feel blessed not stressed in their parenting.

Fall Class schedule with FAST ACTION BONUS is NOW ON until July 25.


Parent Consults



945am – Smiles & Giggles Newborn Coffee Time

11am – Baby Sign, Play & Explore- Purple

1pm – Baby Sign, Play & Explore – Purple

2pm – Salsa Babies

5:30pm – Salsa Tots – Pink

7-9pm – Positive Discipline: Understanding Your Child


10am – Salsa Tots – Pink

11-1 The Growing Patch – All ages playgroup

Bebe Abrigos – 2nd and 4th week of the month

Ages and Stages Screening – 1st week of the month



10am – Baby Sign, Play & Explore – Purple

11am- Salsa Babies – Blue

12pm – Baby Sign, Play & Explore – Purple

1:15pm- Wiggly Worms Tot Sensory

5:30pm – Salsa Bellies

7-9pm – Positive Discipline: Understanding Your Child



7 to 9pm – Parents Game Night


11- Salsa Bellies

Together Strong,

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