At Little Hands & Me we promote the ease of including baby sign language into your daily activities!! That’s right, when you join our Network you will be filled with easy to remember tips, tools and play to support your parenting adventure (including signing with your baby, toddler and preschoolers)!

Baby sign language is educational, promotes connection and the concept of a child feeling safe, and most of all enjoyable for parents, and little ones alike!!

Want a few tips on how to bring signing into your, let’s go on an adventurous journey!


Peek A Boo is an AMAZING game to play in the morning! Ask your little one “Where is mom?” Pop in from the hall way or poke your head out of the sheets and say “Here is ‘MOM’!” while signing mom. These small signing games will bring a smile to your little one as they will see you and begin to recognize then sign ‘MOM’ back. Plus, why not start the morning off with a fun game that teaches: words, signing and object permanence!

What is your morning routine? Pick 2-5 signs today to start using: diaper, wet, clean and dirty may be the baby signs you use!


If you live in a city, like Saskatoon, you will likely be hitting red lights on your way to Baby Sign or Salsa Babies class! This is an excellent time to pop in your baby sign music and start signing and singing. Your child will LOVE the music, which is fun, upbeat and enjoyable plus provides repetition and learning. AND always drive with care.


Grocery shopping? I loved signing with Elijah during these trips. We would SEE all the FRUIT and VEGGIES to sign! Plus would combine words, “See the oranges?”, should be buy, “PURPLE or GREEN GRAPES?”. The community provides amazing ways to see the signs in real life!


Using Child Led Play provides MANY opportunities for signing, play and exploration. Follow their lead… with what toy is your child playing? Perhaps it is a RED BALL, to be more language rich, the “SMALL BALL is RED”.  Let yoru child know the words and language of what toy they are most interested in.


Signing is great to help with transitioning from meal time, to play time and finally bed time. Signing what your routine is every night will help your child to transition from playing to a more calm and relaxed state.

We would love to hear from you other ways to bring signing into your day. Join My Smart Hands Saskatoon for a class and learn even more ideas and ways to bring signing into your daily activities. Remember the key is to be able to communicate with your child in meaningful ways!

his, is why I do what I do. I want all families to feel blessed not stressed in their parenting.

Fall Class schedule with FAST ACTION BONUS is NOW ON until July 25.


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945am – Smiles & Giggles Newborn Coffee Time

11am – Baby Sign, Play & Explore- Purple

1pm – Baby Sign, Play & Explore – Purple

2pm – Salsa Babies

5:30pm – Salsa Tots – Pink

7-9pm – Positive Discipline: Understanding Your Child


10am – Salsa Tots – Pink

11-1 The Growing Patch – All ages playgroup

Bebe Abrigos – 2nd and 4th week of the month

Ages and Stages Screening – 1st week of the month



10am – Baby Sign, Play & Explore – Purple

11am- Salsa Babies – Blue

12pm – Baby Sign, Play & Explore – Purple

1:15pm- Wiggly Worms Tot Sensory

5:30pm – Salsa Bellies

7-9pm – Positive Discipline: Understanding Your Child



7 to 9pm – Parents Game Night


11- Salsa Bellies

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