Child development, we hear this term tossed around a lot in magazines, doctor’s offices, at the health units, and various programs. Yes, Little Hands & Me Parenting Network even takes this term one step more and suggests, “whole child development”.


So what is this whole child development? Why should you care about this when you are cuddling your 4 week old or perhaps your 8 week old or even your 3 month old?

As your precious little newborn begins to grow, experience the world and they begin to move through distinct moments of development! In each of these stages, there are tremendous growth in the brain and body. What happens and when these take place is basically genetics (this is what makes us human). YET, your child’s world, their connection, play, signing, and conversation has influence on the benefits from each stage of development!!!
AND ASCD’s Whole Child Inituative was created to create conversations about change from a focus of academic achievement to one that promotes long term development and success of children! Their moto is “the whole school, whole community, whole child model”

WAHOO!!! This is exciting (at least for me) as I am working to build a Together Strong community who are feeling blessed not stressed in their parenting journey!


Whole child development in a very simple term are circles that encompass a whole being and is a holistic model. This includes the social, emotional, cognitive, language, physical (fine and gross motor skills), and spiritual elements of a human being.


These are elements that are drawn in and promoted in each and every single program that Little Hands & Me Parenting Network offers!!

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