Connection. Connection. Connection!

After a long day at daycare, preschool, or grade school, your child is longing for connection. According to Adlerian Psychology, a human’s basic need is belong and significance.

We had a difficult year at preschool. And I wanted to connect with my child on a more significant level. After hearing the words, “I don’t know” to how was your day. I decided I needed to connect with my questions on a different level.

Here are the 3 questions I ask our children after I pick them up from daycare or school.

  1. What was one thing that made you laugh?
  2. What was one thing you learned?
  3. What made you smile today?

On most days, I find out a wealth of information regarding our children’s day by asking these open ended and showing our children’s sense of belonging and significance. I often receive a lot of valuable information about their day including their fears, hopes and dreams.


What questions do you ask your little one when seeing them after even a couple of hours?

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