When your house is filled with useless sound. The sound that serves no purpose but to annoy you. The louder it is, the more your body clenched.


Make the choice to live. Choose connection.


See what your child is saying. Mami, they are telling you something. They always are, just not using the language of adults.

What are they asking? Are they asking for your time? Perhaps your attention? Are they wanting to connect and be loved? 


How can you put down the phone? Stop texting? And let them see the love in your eyes. 


Connect, Mami. They are growing so fast. Don’t let this time slip. For soon enough you won’t be the center of their universe. 


Love. Choose love. Give love. Belonging and significance are what humans need to feel better. And when one feels better they do better. Parenting becomes easier.

Parenthood…  Everyone dreams about what their parenting will look like while preparing for our bundle of joy. 


I am sure we all imagined long naps, hot coffee, binge watching Netflix while our little one softly snores on our chest. Or your children quietly and happily playing together.


Those moments are rare. And when they happen soak it in. Enjoy. Take the sounds, feeling, how tour child seems. Their focus, ability to solve problems, work together and overcome any frustrations.


Fall Class schedule with FAST ACTION BONUS is NOW ON until July 25.


Parent Consults



945am – Smiles & Giggles Newborn Coffee Time

11am – Baby Sign, Play & Explore- Purple

1pm – Baby Sign, Play & Explore – Purple

2pm – Salsa Babies

5:30pm – Salsa Tots – Pink

7-9pm – Positive Discipline: Understanding Your Child


10am – Salsa Tots – Pink

11-1 The Growing Patch – All ages playgroup

Bebe Abrigos – 2nd and 4th week of the month

Ages and Stages Screening – 1st week of the month



10am – Baby Sign, Play & Explore – Purple

11am- Salsa Babies – Blue

12pm – Baby Sign, Play & Explore – Purple

1:15pm- Wiggly Worms Tot Sensory

5:30pm – Salsa Bellies

7-9pm – Positive Discipline: Understanding Your Child



7 to 9pm – Parents Game Night


11- Salsa Bellies

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