The truth is that we are not perfect, there is no such thing as the perfect mom, perfect child or perfect life. Want to know what? There are parents who are working on improvement, because practice allows for mistakes, for growth and for improvement! When we shift our thinking, it becomes freeing!  

Why is it when we are in the mall, surrounded by people, standing in a line, or trying to hold an actual adult conversation…. Is the EXACT moment the wet noodles become perfected??? Or our newborn decides to scream and cry until we take them out of the stroller!?

How much do we feel judged? How embarrassed do we feel? How much do we feel like the worst parent on the planet and how dare the child do this to us in front of all these people?

What if we shift our perceptions of what is happening in the moment to a more positive note? We use our tools… We pull the bubbles we have from baby sign class, use tools from Positive Discipline, and sway our hips from Salsa Babies!!  (See how our classes impact your family for years??!! BEST investment in your early parenthood!!).

Because this time of your life should be remembered forever! We help moms get a weekly meaningful outing so they feel healthy, happy and supported in their parenting journey!

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