We were driving with Miss K snug in her car seat. She was crying and screaming for her dad.

What I saw was a 2 year old who was having a tantrum for one parent. This parent was with her brother at a medical appointment.

So, I turned up the music. After all, she will settle to the rhythm… right? OH NO!! She reacted and screamed even more louder.

I realized that it was time to pull out a Positive Discipline tool or two!


Me: Wow, K! You are feeling really upset that dad is not here.

K: sniff… yah… upset.

Me: And maybe you’re confused by what is happening?

K: yes.

Me: Dad went to your brother’s appointment and you are with me to buy printer paper. When we are done then we will see dad!

K: Okay!

This ended up being an enjoyable shopping trip where Miss K helped to find: printer paper, the shortest line and even agreed to stop for a cup of joe! We were back to her dad afterwards and a crisis was avoided!


What Positive Discipline Parenting Tools were used?

-Validation of Feelings

-When/Then Statements (As soon as)

-Belonging and Significance (the primary goal of humans according to Adlerian Psychology)

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