I have been receiving messages from families, interested in our programs. They are thinking how to have their children ready for school, leave for work, bring a young baby to classes on time.

I hear you, how is it already time to start transitioning to fall. Didn’t May long just happen?

Today’s Tip for Easier Fall Transitions is setting kind AND Firm boundaries, and routine charts. AND because I am me, I tied in a few extra tools just for you. This is a tool straight out of the Positive Discipline Parenting program. And can be used from a very young age.

We will be using kind AND firm boundaries as we work on transitioning to a new routine! Mr E starts Grade 1 (gasp… how did that happen?). Miss K will be going to her daycare twice a week and joining her friends at Salsa Tots on Wednesdays. Mr E and I will be teaching 3 days a week. This means that I have to be organized and model what I need by doing what I need. Does that make sense? This means, that I need to have a routine for myself and children.

Who here has a routine? I am sure we all do in some way. Routines are good and babies thrive on them. However, the routines I speak of are more of a dance. Nap times change depending on what is happening during the day, where the other children need to be. And *most importantly* because I have been working on this- sometimes I just need to get out of the house to save my own sanity.

Okay, so now we have talked about a routine! Let’s chat routine charts (these are VERY different from reward charts). Routine charts encourage capability, and foster independence. PLUS, when they are in a mood and do not want to get dressed or brush their teeth. We can let the routine chart become the boss while providing empathy, “I know, I don’t want to go to work either and I have too”, or “I know, you are feeling frustrated that we need to leave the house for baby sign language class”.  

We create the charts with our children yet gave them up when painting the house. The summer time became very lacking in structure, yet the children still brushed their teeth and MOSTLY were dressed. So that’s a win itself. 


There are many times of charts. Some are focused on a direct step process, and other are more lose and allows a child to decide what to do next.  We had one that was built on a circle concept, which allowed Mr E and Miss K to decide what he would do next. Which is another tool of providing limited choices. To which after adding a “you decide” will create a sense of autonomy! Always another win.


I cannot wait to see your routine charts. Here is a picture of Mr. E and his dad making a routine chart together. We decided to have a flap that would flip down when a task was finished! Mr. E loved this feature as he was able to see what was left with a quick glance.

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