“My Smart Hands was a wonderful experience for both baby and mommy! We were looking for something to pass time and meet other babies and mommies and got way more than expected. Tanya was a great instructor and we look forward to Level 2”  Natalie

“Tanya was great! She was very informative! She was always interacting with the kids & adapting the class with their moods! I can’t wait to see what my babies 1st sign will be!” Andrea

“Wonderful class! Wonderful experience!” Sarah

“We love the interaction between my baby and I. Singing, signing and entertainment stimulates my infant to learn, laugh and smile.” Cynthia

“Great class! Fun and Interactive! Educational and Useful! Tanya is very helpful and knowledgeable” Jenn

“We really enjoyed our 1st sign language class! We were pretty excited to sign everyday words with our little guy. I really liked the sign language handbook and the music CD (which we love using at home). Look forward to signing more in Level 2. Really liked the break down of every week and reviewing how previous weeks had went!”  Lynette M

“Z and I really enjoyed our My Smart Hands Baby signing class. We not only learned many signs from Tanya our instructor but we also learned from the other parents on ways to integrate signing into our daily life. The class always flew by with songs and stories and using flashcards. I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn baby sign” Ashley B

“A fun relaxed atmosphere for toddlers/babies to learn signing. My son loved the class!! And I also enjoyed it.” Alex H

“My Smart Hands has been really helpful and has allowed us to expand our signing in a fun environment. Charlee loves coming to see the kids.” Dusty C

“I feel like M and I are able to communicate so much better now. And we’re having lots of fun with it!” Tera M

“I really enjoyed your MSH class. I felt I learned a lot, I would be interseted in learning more in the future. Thank you!”  Shanna M

” .1)Understanding seems to be enriched with signing- even if she isn’t doing the sign yet. 2) Amazing how she picks up signs- especially animal and food. So fun! Thanks”  Katharine K

“We had a wonderful time singing and signing”  Mindy N

“Level 2 has been a great extension of Level 1. Our signing vocabulary has been greatly increased. We have loved getting together with everyone each week” Ashley B

“I was amazed at how quickly my son caught onto the signs and how we were able to communicate with each other”  Tera M

“Lots of fun!”

“It was a fun class and feel its a start to our signing. Thanks again!”

“Great class & would recommend it to other mothers. Learnt a lot. Baby enjoyed it”

What did you like about our class?

  • The sensory objects, breaks up the class and keeps kinds interested
  • I liked that there was always a mix of activities. It was not just sitting and learning signs
  • All activities (signing, dancing, bubbles, sensory play, etc)
  • I was glad that my husband and I were both able to come to the class together.
  • Energy, songs, play idea for home
  • Watching all the kids learn. Spending quality time with babies and moms
  • The socialization for my baby and the content

What would you keep the same about the class? 

  • The Early Childhood Development focus and strategies to integrate signing. Thing we can do at home to promote continued development- Awesome!
  • The whole class was excellent. I would definitely keep showing us new ways to effectively help our kids learn.
  • Switching up with movement, reviewing past signs
  • Small class sizes
  • Songs and learning the alphabet the first week
  • The songs helped keep babies focused on the lesson of the week
  • The structure (distinct beginning, middle and end)
  • Group format, music and books
  • The scenario cards
  • The getting up and moving around helps gets get a break
  • The structure of the class- scenarios, movement…
  • Length of class (dates and times) and length is perfect
  • Weekly email updates
  • The level of interaction
  • Movement! Get up to sign, sing and dance is great.
  • The songs, books and activities were very good. A danced and really enjoyed each class
  • I like the songs and lots of introductions and conversations to hear how everyone incorporates signing
  • The sign and guess games helped
  • The way all the signs were explained

Would you access this class or another class again
and/or would you refer our classes to a friend?

  • Absolutely. Great way to communicate with kids instead of just speaking at them
  • Yes, I always refer this class to friends. It’s a great program for mums and babies
  • Yes, because the class has lots of support, affordable and interactive
  • Yes, would be fun to have a friend along
  • I would. I enjoyed it and think families could benefit
  • I would definitely recommend it to a friend. we look forward to taking Level II
  • Yes, I do all the time because you get to meet other moms/kids with similar interests while learning a new language with your baby and how to help your little one develop.
  • Yes, because it is a wonderful way to bond and communicate with your child/baby
  • Yes, useful and fun!
  • Yes, focuses on everyday words which is perfect
  • Yes, the classes teach you signing basics, so if they’re interested in that then of course!
  • Yes, I actually have.
  • Yes, I thought it is very helpful, can’t wait for her to start signing more.
  • Fun, easy going environment
  • Yes, the interaction songs and games were great. My son enjoyed the music
  • Yes! Excellent addition to language development
  • Yes, I really liked learning signs for actions in our daily routine
  • Yes, will refer friends/speech clients
  • Yes, to refer to friends. Great communication tool for parents & kids
  • Yes- we learnt a lot
  • I have made lots of recommendations
  • Yes, I might take Level I again and would definitely take higher levels and recommend this class to others
  • Yes. We learned a lot and I think it will help us communicate with our little one
  • Absolutely, it’s been a fun experience. Our little one loved it!
  • YES. I learned a lot, its an enjoyable social outing for us both
  • Yes! Can’t wait to do level 2
  • YES! It’s fun & educational
  • Yes, next level to continue
  • Yes, I’d like to try another one and I definitely will tell my friends. I feel its important to help with language development
  • Absolutely- great parent bonding
  • Definitely- great to set out and learn ways to engage the babies!

What changes would you make to the class?

  • Nothing, thought it was great
  • Nothing, hr classes were good. Went by fast.
  • It’s sometimes loud, which I guess is to be expected with the kids
  • I like your idea (My Smart Hand’s Saskatoon) to have the book on screen during class so we don’t have to bring ours each time
  • More signs leading to teaching manners
  • Could one of the everyday signs like bedtime routine be one of the first classes?
  • Nothing, the class is a good format with a great instructor
  • None! I loved the relaxed schedule so we can discuss the signs that we need
  • Maybe classes 2x/week
  • Learning more signs to nursery songs (Rhyming Time with Baby Sign class has been created to meet these requests)
  • We really enjoyed it… I cannot think of anything

Additional comments:

  • Tanya- you are a great instructor. Always prepared with great supplemental ideas. We will come back in the new year.
  • I wish I would have signed up earlier
  • I really enjoyed the class and appreciate the weekly e-mails. Good variety within the class. Thanks!
  • Great instructions! Enjoyed that you were able/open to answer questions about other signs as they came up. Well prepared!
  • Great class! Had an amazing experience!
  • Really enjoyed this class and you as our teacher!
  • Thank you!!! We have had so much fun this last year!
  • Awesome class. Good combo of sign & sensory play. Great instructor.
  • Thank you! You’re a wonderful teacher!
  • weekly e-mails and videos were really great to keep practicing!
  • It’s been fun, thanks.
  • Thanks for the fun 8 weeks
  • You were an amazing teacher and provided us with great ways to incorporate our signs in everyday! Thanks so much!
  • Awesome teacher
  • Loved your enthusiasm
  • Great job! I learned a lot!
  • I am sad its over
  • Loved it!
  • Thank you. Our little one and I really enjoyed ourselves
  • Looking forward to level II in March!
  • Thank you for welcoming us to your home and making it so kid and infant friendly!
  • Liked length- 8 sessions is good, once a week is great
  • Yes, loved this class
  • Thank you for everything
  • Thanks, Tanya! We loved it!