The time has come when we have now passed the magical “6 month mark” and we are starting to think about bringing the messy and time consuming job of feeding solid food to Mr G.

I know, I hear some people inhaling…. 

…. YOU waited for 6 months?!?!

…. YOU are just thinking about food?

…. just TOSS food at them!

…. this is your THIRD…. what did you do with the first two!

…. YOU aren’t EXCITED?!


The truth of the matter is NO, I am not excited. Not in the slightest. Food is messy, it changes the insides of the baby and their poop stinks. Food ends up EVERYWHERE, and our dog always has to go back on a DIET in the first 6 months of feeding a baby.


So moms, dads, grandparents. Tell me this….

What did you give your baby for the first food? What are the newest, “guidelines” because I really don’t want to turn to the Google Gods for this.


Fall Class schedule with FAST ACTION BONUS is NOW ON until July 25.


Parent Consults



945am – Smiles & Giggles Newborn Coffee Time

11am – Baby Sign, Play & Explore- Purple

1pm – Baby Sign, Play & Explore – Purple

2pm – Salsa Babies

5:30pm – Salsa Tots – Pink

7-9pm – Positive Discipline: Understanding Your Child


10am – Salsa Tots – Pink

11-1 The Growing Patch – All ages playgroup

Bebe Abrigos – 2nd and 4th week of the month

Ages and Stages Screening – 1st week of the month



10am – Baby Sign, Play & Explore – Purple

11am- Salsa Babies – Blue

12pm – Baby Sign, Play & Explore – Purple

1:15pm- Wiggly Worms Tot Sensory

5:30pm – Salsa Bellies

7-9pm – Positive Discipline: Understanding Your Child



7 to 9pm – Parents Game Night


11- Salsa Bellies

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