I sit down with a cup of coffee microwaved for the third time. Me G, 7 months old, is taking a nap and Miss K and Mr E are downstairs and there is no bickering. Life is bliss.
I get comfortable and ready to start up my laptop. I have plans, big ones, and these take time. I am ready to get a head and plan out blog posts.
And Mr E comes running upstairs with purple paint all over his hands. He tells me something that they were finger painting. I slowly start to count 1,2,3,4,5. Stand up and walk down the stairs 6,7,8,9,10. And I turn into our playroom. I come face to face with this gem of a mess.

Pause, stop, keep my lid from flipping. Puffer fish… yes let’s do a few puffer fish (wondering what this is? Subscribe for our Together Strong).

Nope… still feeling… deep breath… 7,8,9,and 10.

Focus on solutions…. Must use some Positive Discipline tool..
Me: Wow, kids looks like you had fun using paint AND…..
Mr E: now I need to clean up
Me: yes! I will help with getting you soap as you find a rag
Mr E: okay, Miss K was playing when I painted.

Okay wonderful! We had the logical consequence occur…. When a mess is made, it needs to be cleaned up. Yet, I need to take this one step more. I need to find a solution to avoid a situation in the future. And I decide that I would put the paint stations up in a spot that I could monitor. Therefore, when they want to paint I can ensure, I am spending time with them, playing with them and bring with them.

Here are some cleaning products and clothes that are good!

Here is where the paints are NOW currently located.

This has been a wonderful solution that works well for everyone, and promotes kind AND firm boundaries.

Together Strong,


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