Smiles & Giggles Newborn Cafe class is a fun, and interactive weekly program (12 week) for parents with babies from birth into the 3 months!

In Smiles & Giggles, we make the connection with each other and our babies through nurture, language, learning! 

The first half of our class will be focusing on language and learning. We will have parent-child play based activities that are filled a sense of belonging, developing healthy play, and exploration of our world. 


The second half of the class is where we have discussions related to what matters to you! We will have a weekly topic, yet come with your ideas. After all we are Together Strong! 

Topics May Include:
-How Babies Develop (Body, Mind)
-Attachment, Bonding and Social-Emotional Development
-Your Baby’s Unique Temperament (Positive Discipline Focus)
-Importance of Play & Exploration
-Communication and Early Language
-Motor Movement (Fine Motor and Gross Motor)
-Baby Sign
-Baby Wearing