Positive Discipline: Understanding Your Child (Sept 18)


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Child not LISTEN? Tried of methods that don’t work such as time outs, and grounding? Do you have bedtime struggles?
Join us for 6 weeks on a private Facebook group to understand and find ways to discipline children to impact the behaviour, belief behind the behaviour and impact long term social and life skills.
Each week, there will be videos, and learning activities, plus Tanya will come LIVE on Wednesday’s to answer your question to continue our learning! The LIVE will be available to watch through out the week.
The tools that are learned address the misbehaviour, belief behind the behaviour and the need for belonging and significance. These tools do work for a life long development and with all children.
With Positive Discipline, the emphasis is on a balance of firmness and kindness, and on providing respect for both adults and children. Positive Discipline, because it is neither permissive nor punitive, brings hope, increased skills, and love to your family.
Positive discipline parenting. Gain tools that we all need to thrive in Parenthood


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