Parents, this blog post is for you! And relates to self-care. Today is about self-care and filling up your cup so there is more to pour when caring for our little ones.

Tomorrow is likely the first day of school for your little ones who are starting preschool or kindergarten! How are you doing? Excited, nervous, calm, uncertain, worries or maybe lonely and worried? There is so many human emotions that we experience every day. I am finding myself experiencing many intense emotions the past few weeks. And I know that tomorrow is a huge day for us and many families to transition to school. I want you to know that the feelings you have, even ambivalent ones, are okay and natural. As humans, these emotions come over us like waves, we need to acknowledge and let go or accept these feelings.

Sometimes, life and parenting gets to be a lot! We are caring for our children every single day. We are their home base (this is when a child goes to their parents to check in, recharge, and feel safe), we cook, clean, and maintain the house (Yes, in Positive Discipline we discuss how to encourage children of all ages to participate in family life), run to educational and physical activities. This takes a lot of energy. And therefore, we need to be kind to our self.


In Positive Discipline Parenting, we discuss a pillar concept of being kind AND firm. Yet, many of us are very firm on ourselves and we need to practice kindness. Self-care is essential and not selfish. We need to take care of our thoughts, our physical health, our body, our spirituality (if this is you), and our emotions.


How can we take a few moments for self-care when we are busy? We are busy watching our children, busy on facebook, busy watching Netflix. This world is busy. And we need to find a way to stop, focus, and be present. I am one of the worst at this practice. However, am striving for improvement rather than perfectionism.

What are some ways for self care? Here is a list I created. I hope that you are able to find one thing a day that will fill your cup! And I would love to hear what this is.


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