There is a lot of research regarding the benefit of music and sign language on brain development. Did you know that children also respond to the rhythm of music? In my University years, I took an interesting class on Music Therapy. One take away I had during the course was that humans have an emotional response to music! And therefore, I discuss signing and singing to help families work through transitions whether this is leaving the house, shopping, dropping children off a daycare/school or bedtime.


I use multiple transitional songs in the baby sign and toddler sensory programs! However this is my favorite song that promotes language, pattern and rhythms.


Transitional song:

This is big, big, big

This is small, small, small

This is fast, fast, fast

This is slow, slow, slow

This is short, short, short

This is tall, tall, tall

And this is time to go, go go!

Taking the extra 30 seconds to transition to leaving the house will help us settle ourselves and little ones for the moment. We connect with our children while promoting signing, and language in an engaging and interactive moment! I find that when I take a few extra moments, my children and self are less frantic entering our vehicle! Rather than the nagging that can happen when I focus on how late we are.


Another transitional time that signing and singing is useful is during the bedtime routine (read day 2 for Positive Discipline Parenting Tips and Tools for a calmer bedtime routine). The calm rhythm of music can sooth and promote a positive interaction before sleeping! We clean up the toys, kitchen and play area. I teach a clean up song in all classes which children respond to and will start singing and signing back. This is a fantastic way to transition children towards working together to achieve the goal we have set as a family which is a clean everyday living area every night!

Music is incorporated in each of our classes and is enhanced through the magic of signing. When a child hears the word, feels the vibration, sees the ASL signs and starts to move their fingers to communicate they are using a whole developmental experience!

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