I have had the wonderful opportunity to be working with families in Saskatoon for the better part of a decade. I have been able to teach a wonderful program called: Positive Discipline Parenting just the past 16 months!

When working with families, they share common themes. As parents discuss with each other their frustrations and challenges, successes and dreams, many of these threads come out and parents do not feel as alone in their parenting. Someone else’s child is high spirited, struggles with eating, has been recently diagnosed with a learning difference, or struggles with transitions.


About a week before school starting, I wanted to provide you with a Positive Discipline tool that has worked well for our family (3 kids aged 3 months to 5.5 years of age) and many other parents that I have had the opportunity to share a 6 week parenting journey.

One concept that is unique to Positive Discipline Parenting is the concept of kind AND firm. Sometimes, parents struggle with the AND concept. One may tend to be more kind than firm which can become permissive parenting, or sometimes a parent maybe more firm than kind which can lead to punitive parenting styles. Let’s zone down more.

Since it is winter, and children struggle with dressing in all the winter gear that is needed in Saskatchewan, we will use this an the example. The use of AND keeps the tool of kind AND firm together, “I know you would rather play with your toys AND it is time to get our jackets on” or “Jackets on AND let’s race to see who can finish first”. Another tool that falls under the kind AND firm parenting concept is providing choices, “Would you like to get on your toque or boots first? You decide”. Providing choices works well with children as they are able to have a sense of autonomy over their situation and life. Besides, who as adults rather have a choice whenever possible?


The concept of Kind AND Firm has many tools that parents learn and practice during our parenting jounrey here is just a handful:

  1. Validate Feelings
  2. Showing Understanding
  3. Distraction and Redirection
  4. Follow Through
  5. Agree in Advance



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