We have been camping and the weather has been cool and rainy.


While I have been spending time inside as Mr G explores, I have been reading, and surfing the internet.

We have also been taking the time to connect as a family. Meal Time is important for us to talk, laugh and enjoy each other. Although, this also can be a stressful time of the day.

The other day, it started to rain outside. Mr G, 9.5 months, was in his highchair. He broke into the biggest smile, looked up and started to sign “more, more, more”. He wanted more rain to experience.

We kept him outside to experience the awe and wonder of rain. He laughed and smiled and laughed.


Despite signing with our three children, I am constantly in amazement when seeing their signs. Babies are so smart, social and want to share their world. With signing you are giving a way to communicate, connect and bond.


Signing makes things easier. Signing allows you to bridge communication until they are ready to orally talk. Signing provides empowerment. Signing opens up a world for belonging.


We above fall classes starting Sept 11! We will be playing, signing and exploring together.



10am – Newborns Giggles & Smiles Coffee Time

11am- Baby Sign, Play & Explore – purple

1pm – Baby Sign, Play & Explore – purple

2pm – Salsa Babies – blue

530pm – Salsa Tots – pink

7pm- Positive Discipline parenting Understanding Your Child


10am – Salsa Tots – pink



10am – Baby Sign, Play & Explore ; purple

11am – Salsa Babies – blue

12pm – Baby Sign, Play & Explore

1:15pm – Wiggly Worms Sensory

530pm – Salsa Bellies

7pm – Positive Discipline parenting Understanding Your Child


11 – Salsa Bellies



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