Your Inner Compass That Could is an amazing story from a local author from Kirstin Pierce by Inner Compass Books


This is a book that is fantastic to read with your children when they are a little older. The message is about that gut feeling, that intuition that voice that is inside of us. And what we do with that spark that is inside of us. When we have that gut/heart feeling sometimes it is hard to follow. We get stuck a little and this book helps us recognize and nurture our inner compass. 

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The pictures are amazing that encourages families, adults and children, alike to  find what excites you and find that spark deep inside you! My favorite image is where there is a line of people walking status quo through a dark fire. Then there is a shiny yellow compass on the young lady’s shoulder pointing to a new path that has many branches.

Now, I want to know what sparks you, what are excited about? Sometimes, we are really tough on ourselves and it is hard to find this inner compass and fire.

This book is filled with many positive messages to inspire our young children. One message that resonated with me was, “Mistakes are for learning as long as you grow.” Wow! Mistakes are for learning, growing and finding your way. So let’s make those mistakes and find solutions as we will truly learn more.


Your Inner Compass That Could is a must have for every house with children. 

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